Solutions & SMEs


Our solutions are built-to-suit for each client. We draw from our experience in multiple verticals for each initiative. Our approach is unique in that we can include multiple subject matter experts to maximize ROI for our clients.





Our marketing strategies are always quantifiable in terms of ROI. It is a core belief that we need to demonstrate return on each initiative.This approach, coupled with our access to SMEs from various verticals, streamlines our strategies to ensure we are protecting the brand of our clients while generating momentum toward where they ultimately want to be as an organization. 



   Vendor Management

Our SMEs will handle all of the vendor selection process, from RFP development to vendor selection. This process is often reflective of the existing culture of our clients.After vendor selection is made, our group is dedicated to managing the vendor relationship including helping internal operational staff to maximize the vendor efforts.


     Revenue Generation


Many of our initiatives include additional revenue generation as a core goal of our clients engaging with us. It often includes multiple touch strategies. Sustainability is also a crucial element of our approach, so our SMEs coach our clients to ensure the strategies can be implemented by our clients' internal personnel.


Our group has established numerous partnerships in verticals that are used most frequently by our clients.These established channels help us to maximize our due diligence in vendor management selection and shorten the RFP process by beginning with proven partnerships.


Our operational SMEs specialize in uncovering internal inefficiencies and operational challenges. It is their role to help maximize existing resources.

​Our group will work within our clients' existing culture, while helping to develop an approach that will craft the culture of the future.









We have access to several proven prospecting strategies. Our SMEs will assist with script development, call center selection, and assessing the necessary tactical steps to ensure ROI.Our group will also help to develop internal strategies to assist with proper lead follow-up to maximize closure rates.